I work in tech, serve on a non-profit board, perform live comedy,  host a podcast, and do some other stuff.

If you're here for strictly professional reasons, it's probably best to just jump to my LinkedIn.


From 2013-2016, I was active in the Tucson start-up and maker scene, helping throw all sorts of events small and large: from hands-on technology workshops to hackathons and STE(A)M showcase events for students of underrepresented backgrounds. I also helped start The University of Arizona's iSpace, which had a significant role in facilitating the annual Hack AZ event, the southwest's largest hackathon. In 2018, I decided to fly back to Tucson and participate as a mentor and contribute to a project submission (CrowdFeed) with my developer friend, Steve Miller.



What I've been up to

Interactive Art Concept - CrowdFeed

Hack AZ 2018